Introduction to Pivent

The PI Security Token

A Token For The Future

PI is a security token that is based on Polymath's ST-20 standard that is compliant with the ERC-1400 security token standard, an extension of the ERC-20 standard. This allows for the PI token to be stored in existing Ethereum wallets. The PI security token provides a fully compliant token that grants you rights to profit sharing with Pivent. Pivent's upcoming security token offering (STO) will be launching in Q2 of 2019.

By holding the PI security token, you will be entitled to voting rights that help choose the direction of Pivent's mining operation and monthly dividends paid in ETH. No need to worry about finding space, electricity, or equipment. It is all handled for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy your profits. If you have any questions about Pivent, the PI security token, or the upcoming STO, contact us in our Telegram group or at .

Security Token Offering Details

  • Token Symbol: PI
  • Max Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 PI
  • Token Sale Supply: 250,000,000 PI
  • Token Price: $0.04 USD/PI
  • Minimum Investment: US Investors: $75 USD, Non-US Investors: $5 USD
  • STO Launch Date: May 13, 2019
  • Token Rights: Monthly dividends up to 60% of mining operation profits
  • Note: As permitted by Washington state law.
  • Regulatory Info: US: Regulation D Rule 506(c), Non-US: Regulation S
  • Note: All investors must pass Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and accredited investor (AI) checks, as applicable, to participate in this offering.

Revenue And Profit Estimates With Full Funding

Per Revenue USD Profit USD
Hour $891.18 $651.22
Day $21,388.28 $15,629.16
Week $149,717.98 $109,404.15
Month $641,648.47 $468,874.93
Year $7,806,723.08 $5,704,645.01
  • Based on market data from 03/01/2019.
  • Cryptocurrency markets are very volitile.
  • These estimates may vary.
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • All dividends will be paid in Ethereum (ETH).
  • Full funding means selling all 250,000,000 PI tokens offered in this STO.

The Roadmap

  • Q4 2018

    • Pivent Inc. founded
    • Whitepaper/Pitch Deck written
    • Started search for first facility
  • Q1 2019

    • First facility identified
    • PI security token created
    • Filed exemption with SEC
  • Q2 2019

    • Launch STO for PI
    • Purchase facility and equipment
    • Ramp up operations
  • Q3 2019

    • Pay first monthly dividends
    • Begin planning for 2nd building
    • 1st building at max capacity
  • Q4 2019

    • Complete construction of 2nd building
    • Expand operations into 2nd building

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a Washington based company focused on building a generalized distributed computing network that is powered by alternative energy. Pivent was founded in November of 2018 by Eric as a way to provide access to a generalized distributed computing network to power to process general and specific computing tasks. Pivent was also founded to help indiviuals profit from cryptocurrency mining without having to invest time and energy into setting up their own equipment. This makes Pivent a great opportunity for those that believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and want to build a portfolio with this emerging class of asset.

Our Advisor

Pushing Clean Energy Forward

Providing generalized distributed computing power consumes a substantial amount of electricity, which is one of the major costs associated with operating this type of network. Not only is this a major cost for our operations, it also causes electric utility companies to invest heavily in infrastructure. This is why Pivent is committed to powering its data centers using wind, solar, and other forms of clean and renewable energy. We will also invest in developing and enhancing clean energy technologies to power our data centers. This will allow Pivent to maintain a low cost of operation that is far below the industry average while reducing our impact on our planet.

Our Goals

Pivent has three primary objectives:
  • Staying on top of the latest industry trends
  • Continuously scaling out our operations
  • Developing robust and intelligent hardware and software solutions
Our first use case for our generalized distributed computing network is cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is a quickly evolving space. There is always new mining algorithms, hardware, and software that needs to be evaluated and vetted. This is why Pivent will always keep an eye on current industry trends. It also means we have to think ahead and be an industry leader to stay in front of changes that will come our way. Pivent will also need to re-invest to expand the operation by acquiring more land and equipment. This will allow Pivent to remain one of the top controllers of generalized distributed computing power in the world. Finally, uptime and stability of our hardware and software systems is critical to our success. For this reason, we will invest heavily in this area to ensure Pivent's operations are robust and intelligent to minimize down time and adapt to changing market conditions to maximize our revenue.

Giving Back

At the heart of Pivent is its commitment to make sure we are fostering strong communities by exploring ways to leverage our generalized distributed computing network to help others. Pivent will partner with various non-profit and government organizations to help tackle social issues that are pressing society by giving practical solutions to challenging problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. These assets can be used as a form of payment, used as a contract, act as a representation of a real-world item, or to show ownership in an entity.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is the process where transactions are verified. Verified transactions are grouped into blocks and stored on a distributed ledger called a blockchain. A reward is issued to the creator of a block that is well-formed and successfully added to the blockchain. There are two main forms of mining today which are proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS). In proof of work systems, the mining is done by solving complex problems to earn the right to create a block. In a proof of stake system, participants who keep a number of coins reserved (stake), called nodes, are selected at random to create the next block on the blockchain. Pivent will focus on supporting proof of work cryptocurrencies by contributing computing power to process transactions. From time to time, we will evaluate proof of stake cryptocurrencies and participate in these networks when it aligns with our long-term goals.

Why should I invest in Pivent versus just mine with my own personal equipment?

Mining with your own equipment is possible. However, to remain a profitable mining operation, you must spend time monitoring your equipment, finding space to expand your operation, getting proper electrical power installed in the new space, and setting up cooling equipment to keep the heat down in the space. Additionally, there are other mining operations mining from home. All of those miners are contributing to the increase in difficulty of mining, which leads to a lower amount of revenue from mining. These factors require time and a dedicated team to ensure the operation keeps running smoothly. At Pivent, this would all be taken care of for you. All you have to do is look forward to your monthly dividend.

What is the expected return on my investment? Are there any risks?

As with any investment, there are risks. This is especially true with cryptocurrencies as they are relatively new and often volatile. There are also regulatory challenges for cryptocurrencies that are currently being addressed, which introduces a level of uncertainty. Returns can be high, but they can also be zero. By investing in a cryptocurrency mining company, you have to be prepared for both scenarios. Please do your own research. With that said, Pivent will always work to minimize risks to our investors by continually learning and adapting to the ever-changing cryptocurrency environment.

Why are you launching now?

We feel the current conditions are the best for launching a new crypto mining company. First, equipment costs have returned to reasonable prices. This is due to a lower demand by other mining companies and the general public. This allows Pivent to negotiate even better wholesale prices from equipment manufactures. Second, Pivent’s low operational cost, around $3500/Bitcoin, is below the average in the United States which is near $5000/Bitcoin. This allows Pivent to remain profitable even during current market conditions. Finally, due to current market conditions, other mining companies have either had to reduce their mining operations or even shut down completely. This has resulted in less mining competition due to fewer companies mining and more revenue for us.

What cryptocurrencies will you mine?

Pivent will mine Bitcoin indirectly via altcoins such as Digibyte, Zcash, and Zen Protocol. We will mine using a combination of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) hardware. This gives us the best of both efficiency and adaptability. By mining altcoins, we can earn Bitcoin today while maintaining the ability to pivot to earn the most valuable coins in the future. Our use of FPGAs opens the doors to be able to mine virtually all mineable cryptocurrencies. This provides a great balance that will allow Pivent to maximize its revenue.

How will you give back?

At Pivent’s core is its mission to help grow society by tackling current social issues. We feel it is important not only to maximize revenue, but to also maximize the lives of others. There needs to be a shift in the way we all think about the current norms with the current socioeconomic climate in the world. We need to prepare ourselves for a future where advances in automation and artificial intelligence frees us to pursue our passions. The basic needs of all will still need to be met. This is where Pivent steps in and helps provide solutions to ease the transition to the new world. The first initiative Pivent will focus on is affordable housing. Pivent will build self-contained mining units that can be built into homes. The revenue from these units will provide the income needed to offset the cost of housing for families. Building mining units into homes also fits into Pivent’s goals to scale out and be robust while also giving back. This will help build strong and diverse communities that are needed to make tomorrow a better place than yesterday.